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My equipment

370cm (C-band and Ku-band)

My reception equipment consists of a 370 cm mesh antenna (modell ST-12) from Eight Limited. I use a Chaparral Corotor as feedhorn and Chapparal KU- and C-band LNBs. My mesh is turned by a Nitec Robot Positioner (control unit EPS-103, outdoor unit EPR-203).

I use an Echostar AD 3600 with integrated Viaccess-CAM for the skew control. On the IF out of the Echostar i have connected a FortecStar Lifetime Ultra to search for feeds and the second tuner of my Arion AF-9300.

370cm Mesh
370cm Mesh

I can receive satellites from 87.5° East (Chinastar 1) to 40.5° West (NSS 806, only partially).

The main attention for the location search was the wish to receive the eastern satellites (for example to get NHK World on PAS 68.5° East).

The reception in C-band is possible without any major problems. In Ku-band i have to fight with weak signals and various signal interferences.

I can receive these signals without any interferences on my Diseqc 1.2 motorized 125cm offset antenna.

370cm Mesh

Since begin of December 2005 I can finally receive 22.5° West to 31.5° West without interferences. Before that date a tree partially disrupted the reception.

Before i got my ST-12 i had a 250cm Mesh antenna (Hybrid) in use. The thanks for this antenna goes to Alfred Olbort - Decoder und Satellitentechnik.

The 250cm mesh was turned in the beginning by an 24" actuator from Drake, which was replaced later with an 36" actuator from Jaeger.

250cm Mesh

125cm (Ku-Band)

125cm Offset
  • 125cm offset dish from Satec
  • Ku-band LNB: 0.3db Inverto Pro
  • Rotor: Stab HH120

This Diseqc 1.2 motorized dish is controlled with an ARION AF-9300. The dish can be rotated from 68.5° East to about 30° West. In summer the reception of Hispasat (30° West) is not possible because of trees, in winter there are no reception problems.

80cm (Eutelsat W3A)

With this small fixed antenna pointed on Eutelsat W3A i could receive the datacasts of the provider Europe Online. For reception the Technisat Skystar 2 was used.

80cm Eutelsat W3A


185cm Mabo
  • 185cm Offset from Mabo
  • at the moment mounted only for testing

This antenna is pointed for testing reasons to Panamsat 68° East - the real location will be chosen in spring/summer 2006.


  • Echostar AD3600IP VA
  • Arion AF-9300 PVR
  • Zehnder DX 4000 D-CI
  • FortecStar Lifetime Ultra
  • Topfield 5000 CIP
  • Nokia D-Box 1 - with DVB2000
  • Nokia D-Box 2 - with Neutrino
  • SkyStar 2 (PC-card) - for data and MPEG 4.2.2 feeds.
  • Skymaster DXL 9350

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