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Welcome to my personal satellite website. This site is still under construction - you can expect some updates in the next time. It is possible that more untranslated content is available on the german version of my website.

Help wanted!

If you know a place (onlineshop) where I can get a cheap "Upper Extended C-Band" LNB (4.5 to 4.8 Ghz) please send me a message. Thank you for your help.

Which contents are available on this site?

This site is dedicated to the C-band reception in Europe. Various "exotic" tv channels which can be received in C-band are shown and introduced. I will also introduce my reception equipment.

Which contents are NOT available on this site?

You will find no topics which are related to pay-tv and illegal reception of pay-tv.

If you have any complaints, wishes, ideas or questions please feel free to contact me.

Last Updates

01.01.2006: is one year old!
29.12.2005: Winter design, antenna description, antenna gallery
01.12.2005: SatCalc v0.5

Last Updates (Channels)

01.05.2006 22:55 - CHC CHC
01.05.2006 22:55 - Zee Akash 24 Ghanta 
01.05.2006 22:55 - XJTV-8 
01.05.2006 22:55 - Pogo 
01.05.2006 22:54 - MRTV 4 

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